Who We Are


We are very old and good friends as Esra and Banu. We think that the geography we live in is a great gift given to us. We feel the rich and colorful culture of Anatolian lands in our genes. Thanks to our families, we grew up with a good education. Our jobs were totally what we love and dream. We were very lucky children.

However, there are also some children in our beautiful country who are not as lucky as we were. We want to do something for them. We want these children to receive a good education, to do useful works for both their countries and the world, and to raise them as conscious individuals. Therefore, we decided to support them with our brand ESELBA. We contribute to the IMECE project of TOVAK to ensure that children receive education in better conditions. Our customers support TOVAK with every ESELBA product they purchase.

We also give some information about TOVAK’s (Turkey Community Services Foundation) IMECE project. First of all, the meaning of IMECE is a tradition that has been going on for hundreds of years in Anatolia. It is a form of cooperation in which everyone works together by giving hands to each other, just like shoulder to shoulder in every work. In the IMECE project, donors, local authorities, village or neighborhood residents, teachers, and students unite their labor to repair the primary schools in need. And they receive very good results.


Organic Cotton and Bamboo Products

Soft, healthy and durable…

It is a material that welcomes us the first time we breathe until the last time of our lives. It is a material that has always been with us throughout our lives, that is our white gold; Cotton. It is one of the most indispensable friends of mankind for thousands of years. We can not leave each other for a long time. Because its relaxing and calming effect attracts us. Our skin instantly recognize the soft texture of cotton. Cotton is good for our body and soul. ESELBA prefers cotton as the main material in its products because of these reasons.

Another main material of ESELBA products is bamboo. Bamboo is one of the plants used by mankind in daily life since ancient times. There are more than 500 types of it. Today, the textile industry is making great use of bamboo trees, which the main food source of cute pandas. Bamboo has antibacterial properties thanks to a natural bio-agent called Kun. Moreover, even if washed many times, it retains this feature. So it is very healthy.

It does not cause allergic skin formations. It gives a soft feeling just like cashmere and silk. It absorbs water rapidly and has the ability to reduce ultraviolet rays. It is resistant for usage, very light, and gives coolness. ESELBA prefers bamboo because of these unusual features.