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TOVAK, the Turkish Community Services Foundation was established in 1993.

Through its various projects, TOVAK provides education, skill training, cultural programs to a broad spectrum of the Turkish population.

All the highly qualified people who serve this foundation are volunteers dedicated to the betterment of human lives.

TOVAK functions by creating partnerships with other foundations, government organizations, the private sector, and philanthropists.


TOVAK’s main mission is to promote the spirit of volunteerism among the university students and direct this spirit to the concrete development projects in the poor regions of Turkey, especially villages and slums.

But these works put specific emphasis on doing and acting together and achieving results rather than sitting and waiting for charity.

TOVAK in this respect takes up an old traditional Turkish expression İMECE, (sharing the communal work) and practices it to renovate village schools through togetherness of villagers, teachers, pupils, university students, and doners.

IMECE is a Turkish word used in the countryside for the work done with the participation of various members of a group. Individuals donate their time, money, goods, talents and skills to get the job done.

TOVAK’s IMECE Project uses this format to upgrade and refurbish elementary and middle schools, with the help of the people of the villages, teachers, students, local donors, foundations and private businesses in the countryside and the poverty-stricken locations of the country. They carefully select the schools to be candidates for this project and provide guidance during the construction and refurbishing phase.

One of the goals is; to show people if they get together and if they work hard they can pull themselves out of poverty. TOVAK makes sure people built self-confidence and also teach young people social responsibility and working together for the common good.

So far over 500 school buildings are repaired, upgraded and refurbished successfully. Meanwhile, people who are involved in this project gained experience in working as a team in a diversified atmosphere for the common good of the people and create results.